ATC Answers – Answering Service For Industries

Industry Solutions With Our 24/7 Phone Answering Services

Any business, of any size, could always use the added help of  an answering service. Our highly trained, certified phone operators will help your provide the highest level of service for your business, day or night. We help control inbound calls, boost sales, and filter between emergency and non-emergency calls — ensuring that you only get the messages you want. Best of all, our 24/7 answering services will be tailored to fit your company’s needs down to the letter. Our operator scripts and flexible, and we train each operator individually, so they know your account and company from the inside out.

24/7 Telephone Answering Service For All Businesses

Our 24/7 telephone answering services are available for all types of businesses. Explore our industries section to see the types of businesses we serve. From medical and doctors offices, funeral homes, HVAC companies, plumbers, dentists and more, we’ve got you covered.