ATC Answers Provides Funeral Home Phone Answering Services

Every funeral home needs to have a full proof plan that is both friendly and efficient, especially when dealing with families in mourning. We provide phone services, and more importantly, a calm and caring individual, for your clients to talk to in their time of hardship. The mourning of a loved one’s passing brings out emotional stress, grief and, and it’s always been important that we provide your clients with the utmost care. Our year-round, 24/7 funeral home answering services will promptly provide compassionate care, while making sure any questions answered, and pre-arrangement information is correct.

When you choose us, we will work together to customize a custom answering script for our operators to answer your phones. Following your instructions to the letter, we are able to direct calls, contact the families involved, provide contact information for cemetery services,  flower delivery and more. We will relay the messages to your funeral home in the way(s) and timeframe that you suits your needs best.