Why Choose Around the Clock Answering Service – ATC Answers

Choosing an answering service to handle your business’ calls is a big deal. An answering service not only answers your phones, but serves as an extension of your company, and their service reflects on the service your company provides. Below are five reasons to choose Around the Clock as your answering service.

Reason 1: We’re Affordable

When you consider the facts and weigh all the features we provide, we’re easily one of the most affordable call-center solutions. Our fee structure is based on how many calls we take, not how many minutes we use. This saves you money over time and gives you comfort knowing that you’re paying for someone to take your calls, not to idle on the phone collecting minutes.

Reason 2: We’re Always Up

We never leave and the lights are always on. We truly are a 24/7, 365 company. All of our servers and equipment are housed in an atmospherically-controlled room backed up with several external and internal power sources.

Reason 3: We’re Fast

Our average hold time for most calls is below 20 seconds.

Reason 4: We Hire Great Employees

We thoroughly evaluate new talent, walking them through a process that builds both literacy with our systems and personability with our callers.

Reason 5: Serving Cincinnati Since 1968

For a small business, being in service and good standing for 42 years means we’re doing something right. It means we’re not going anywhere, and that we’ll only continue to improve our services.